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Style on Purpose Website Review

Hey there, fashion enthusiasts! Jesse from Sites on Polaris here, and I'm excited to share with you one of our latest creations – the website for Style on Purpose.

Let me start by saying that designing this website was an absolute delight. We had the pleasure of working with Style on Purpose, a unique and stylish clothing boutique that aims to provide an exceptional customer experience.

First and foremost, the clothing boutique itself is a treasure trove of fashion-forward pieces that cater to individuals looking to make a statement with their style. The website reflects this perfectly, with a sleek and modern design that showcases the stunning collection of clothing.

Customer Experience

One of the key focuses of this project was creating an exceptional customer experience. We implemented unique collections that make it easy to find your style. It's like having your own personal stylist right at your fingertips!

Engaging imagery plays a crucial role in the success of any fashion website, and Style on Purpose is no exception. We made sure to incorporate high-quality images that truly capture the essence of each piece. It's like flipping through a virtual fashion magazine!


Of course, we also prioritized easy navigation throughout the site. We created a clear and intuitive menu structure that allows visitors to explore different collections, browse new arrivals, and access sale items effortlessly. Finding your next fashion gem has never been easier.

Business Tools

To make managing their business operations a breeze, we integrated Wix Business Tools into the website. This allows Style on Purpose to efficiently manage inventory, track orders, and stay connected with their customers, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Check them out

If you're into unique and stylish fashion, I highly recommend visiting Style on Purpose's website at It's a hub of sartorial inspiration, where you can discover trendy pieces and curate your own fashion story. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this fashion-forward experience!

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